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Underwater Housings for Action Cam

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Underwater Housing for Osmo Poket


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Underwater Housing for Osmo Poket

Giosim case for DJI Osmo Poket is a safe product that can be used in your dives, up to a maximum depth of 100m. Versatile and practical to use, it is possible to swing it by hand, with a rod or by inserting it in a bracket with lights and or directly attached to the jaket.

The bayonet opening and closing parts are made of anodized aluminum, resulting mechanically perfect and secure with an adequately sized oring. The vision of the monitor is improved through a special lens carefully studied.

The product carefully studied and manufactured directly in the company is tested one by one both in the mechanical phase and in water and then certified U.M.D.

Why the Giosim case for Osmo Pocket:

• Usable up to 100mt.

• Perfect vision by enlarging the monitor

• Safe sealing in watertight condition

• Versatile in different ways of use

• Low price with high quality

• Produced in Italy

Full weight G.450

Some accessories allow you to use the product in the best conditions





GD1  Sphere whit male support

GD2  Sphere

GD3  45 ° threaded steel bracket

GD4  M6 stainless steel screw with double locking ring

GD5  Sphere with female support

GD6  Sphere with male support

GD5 Female support for arm

GD8 Male support for relay

GD9  Oring / grease / mat maintenance kit  

GD10  Transport and protection  bag  

The company recommends using only original Giosim accessories and does NOT guarantee perfect operation with non-original accessories.