Underwater housings for reflex cameras
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Special Housing for Blackmagic and Cinema

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Underwater Housing for Blackmagik Poket 6K-6KPRO-G2


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Underwater Housing for Blackmagik Poket 6K-6KPRO-G2

Giosim case for Blackmagic Pocket 6k-6k PRO-G2 professional camera
entirely produced by Giosim in anodized aluminum it shows all the controls of the machine on the outside, the registration lever and the control knob are very comfortable in the hand ... all without removing the hand from the handle, which are ergonomic and can be adjusted as desired and are slightly inclined to favor the swing … and the trim.
The case houses the camera with additional Pocket camera ProGrip battery, which is why it is slightly higher.
Inside it is also possible to insert an additional memory, an HDMI plug for video output.
The housing has a video output with a 16x1 thread and cap …
Closed by 3 stainless steel hooks, it has the possibility of inserting many objectives and consequently portholes of various formats ... replaceable with bayonet with focus and zoom control.
In the part under the case there is a base with several threaded holes for brackets or trestles, in addition to the zinc anode.
Complete for safety at Vacum's request
Maximum depth -120 m.

Attention: for the personalized product made exclusively as requested, returns and refunds cannot be made.

Attention: the creation of these products is carried out exclusively on request and tailor-made with specific requests, therefore they CANNOT be returned or refunded for any reason.