Underwater housings for reflex cameras
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Vacum system for the perfect closed  insertion in  the Giosim case included

Indications for use

With the camera inserted and the circuit turned on the case should be closed 15-30 minutes before diving. The red LED starts flashing, indicating the ambient pressure. The hand pump is inserted onto the threaded body of the valve and the air is pumped out of the housing. After 20-25 pumps, the red LED stops flashing and after a couple more pumps the green LED starts flashing, indicating sufficient vacuum. Another 5-6 additional pumps ensure that the circuit is not on the edge of the threshold. The pump is then removed and the protective cap replaced to ensure air and water tightness. Next you need to observe the LED. Flashing green LED indicates no air leaks (safe dive). After the dive, remove the protective cap and equalize the pressure with the simple movement of the white pin.